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Based in Essex, (South-East UK) EssexWalker is an organisation that serves walkers, runners hikers and ramblers in Essex and beyond. Here you can find a wealth of information and advice about walking as well as beautiful short essex walks complete with route descriptions, entry forms for upcoming challenge walks, reccomendations on walking and hiking equipment and much more – everything you need for the very best walking in Essex.

Each year in April we run our own event called the ‘EssexWalker Challenge’, giving walkers the choice of either 15 miles or 26 (roughly) and providing them with detailed route information, a series of checkpoints (with refreshments!) along the way and results posted online soon after the event.

Here we also include special Editorial content every month, not to mention our many galleries of walking photos from Essex and beyond.

Go to our entry forms page to download entry forms for upcoming walking and running events in Essex and beyond.

Essex Walker exists to serve those interested in recreational walking but not race walking (heel and toe). Walking falls into four main categories:

Fauna and Flora. Easy ambling with a view to studying nature and enjoying the surrounds, the company, and the fresh air. Maybe taking binoculars, camera, books.

Rambling. Organised walks of 10/12 miles with a leader. Start time varies around 10am with a coffee stop after an hour, pub stop around 1.0pm (take own food or buy at pub) all using pub facilities expected to buy a drink. Then back to start with perhaps a mid afternoon break.

“Friends” is a special Rambler group for members of any age who do not wish to walk more than 4.5 miles. The walk is usually followed by a pub lunch. www.eastessexfriends.plus.com

More purposeful walking over 18/20 miles organised by Essex and Herts Long Distance Walkers. Carry own food and drink. Not always a pub stop but lunch break taken where appropriate. Breaks are shorter and an earlier start is necessary.

All Rambler and LDWA groups place great store by the social value of walking and sound friendships develop.


RAMBLERS. Join the national organisation which will allocate you to the most appropriate group. You will then receive a schedule of planned walks. Beginners are welcome to try a walk before joining.

LDWA. Join the national body, which entitles members to the valuable thrice a year handbook containing details of social walks and challenge events all over the country. A small additional fee (usually £2) brings postal details of local group activities i.e. walks, social events, newsletter etc.

Beginners are welcome to try a walk before joining.

Stronger ramblers often enjoy a longer walk.

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